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sexy soldier boy wins purple heart...


jay lassiter:
....and that's just the beginning of the story......
Darrell served his time. Got the Purple Heart for getting blown up in a car bomb. When they wanted to redeploy his unit ...

Only his family drives him north of the border where he applies for refugee status.  Not only is he real juicy eye candy, but he has a provocative and thoughtful message as well.

his video in on my blog.  a sexy man of principle.  can you tell i am in love?
what do you think? is he courageous or a traitor?

jay lassiter:
so by leaving a comment, i can move a topic to the top?? AMAZING!

would you mind typing what he said, my speakers are temporarily down

seen the movie 'Jarhead' ?
  Id play Santa with him....

If my mind serves me correctly we no longer have a draft in America. The military is completely voluntary. So he volunteered into the service. He signed up and didn’t have to have a gun put to his head when he joined. I wouldn’t call him a coward. But I would consider the fact that he eventually realized (After his injuries) that he bit off a lot more than he could actually handle.

I couldn’t get the link to work. I would have liked to hear what he had to say. He’s no more a coward than George is Bush is a hero. This is an ugly world that we live in with people; who don’t even know you want to kill you because of their fanatical religious beliefs. and others go to battle for the financial profits, which I have a feeling is exactly what Darrell Anderson had in mind when he joined.

Jay your an intelligent young man, but just a little bit too liberal for my comfort. Oh and he is hot.  But then again, at my age everyone’s Hot.



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