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diagnosis as creating and/or worsening mental health problems

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Hi all

I am wondering if anyone on line suffers from or lives with mental health issues prior to diagnosis, how that impacted your life or if diagnosis lead to an issue (depression, eg), and how you dealt with it

For example, I have lived with OCD for about 30 years and I have been on meds for it for about a good 14 years and will likely be so for the rest of my life. That doesn't bother me (so it makes me think that, should I ever need to go on meds for hiv, I can handle that too).

What is bothering me is that the stress of being newly diagnosed is finally coming home. For those of you that know my backstory, I was diagnosed about six weeks ago. Now, I think it is finally sinking in. I am also not reacting to "bad news" by going out and numbing myself, and my entire mental state has been thrown into upheaval. I'm managing, but barely. I've got great support (from doctors and friends etc), but I think I need to accelerate that.

I am wondering how other people on this list dealt with diagnosis if it either lead them into depresssion (eg) or simply exacerbated a pre-existing mental health issue.


           I was diagnosed as bi-polar at a young age.I have been on meds for that for years now.I was on HIV meds.and am now on a structured treatment interuption.That didn't affect my taking of my psych meds.When it becomes time for you to take your meds there is a great tool here to use.You can check your meds and get the interactions on this site.

I was diagnosed with depression, and anxiety at 19 which was regulated with medication, although at the time of my + diagnosis (26) I was not on depression meds. After my + diagnosis, the anxiety was almost intolerable. It took almost a year for me to figure out the stress from the diagnosis was making the anxiety and depression really bad. Once I started going to a therapist and psyche doctor it made dealing with the + a little easier. And the depression and anxiety became much better. One thing that has been a challenge is drug interactions. Some depression meds can really interact with the hiv meds.

Hi Andrew,

I agree with Chrstine in what she said about going to the therapist and seeing your psyche doctor. I do that on a monthly basis to control the anxiety that comes along with being diagnosed as HIV. I am told that HIV brings depression and it affects your mental state.

Just work on meditating and breathing excercises should help you. Focus on a project or a hobby that helps also.

I have suffered from chronic depression and anxiety for years.I had managed last year to wean myself off Seroxat and went on to another drug called fluoxetine.Since my diagnosis on monday and other work/life related issues I have started back on the fluoxetine.It's only been a few days and of course I've had to start on a low dosage for a couple of weeks,but I'm hoping it will start to kick in quite soon as my anxiety levels are incredibly high at the moment....insomnia...heavy/numb limbs...feeling whole body seems to pulsate at times.

I'm so glad that you have a good social support with both doctors and friends.It helps.I have only been able to tell one friend but she has been to see me a couple of times and has been so supportive.

I must put down 'psyche therapy' in my notes to take next wednesday...thanks for reminding me :)


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