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T Cells never going beyond 300

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Miss Philicia:
I should have been more specific if I didn't make it clear.  The higher t-cells have been from the synergy of combining fuzeon with prezista, NOT fuzeon alone.  In fact, my physician purposely delayed my going on fuzeon for an entire year because of what he was seeing in the clinical trials of the fuzeon/prezista combination.

That was the point of my post.  Evidently they are seeing the same thing in trials of the combination of Prezista and the new Merck integrase inhibitor I linked to.

My point is that with the newer drugs coming out there is no reason to settle for "stable" but low cd4's.  Mind you, I began at diagnosis with <200 cd4's.


Your initial post was clear to me. All I was saying was that even though I was on Fuzeon + Prezista + Sustiva, my CD4's never got much above 200.

I think that even the best HIV regimen can only lower your viral load. Once the viral load becomes undetectable, then CD4's generally rise. But there are factors that are different for each individual that determine just how high they will rise.


Miss Philicia:
Oh, I apologize.  I missed where you stated you were also on Prezista.

Well, all I can say (and haven't we discussed this previously?) that your experience seems to be outside the average.  And of course, on the other hand my huge increase in cd4's is ALSO outside of the average, but still the average is still a decent rise in cd4's.  I think every person in my support group that is on this combo has at least doubled they're cd4 count if not more.  All have of course reached VL suppression.

Before starting the Fuzeon, Tipranavir, Sustiva regimen in Nov. 2003, my CD4's were 12.

So a CD4 count of 200 is more than sixteen times my starting point!


Miss Philicia:
So really that's a huge increase if you think about it.


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