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T Cells never going beyond 300

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My T-Cells rarely if ever go about 300, and most recently posted 220 after being 20+ years with AIDS.  The problem about switching to a drug combination by other people's experiences is that HIV impacts every body differently and therefore the drugs work differently on every body.   For me, AZT made me anemic, Sustiva made me a crazy loon that couldn't sleep, and PIs have given me Lipoatrophy.  The combination I'm on (Reyataz, Norvir, Viramune, Epzicom) has kept my viral load undetectable.....and I am satisfied with that even though my Tcells are still in the 200 range.   I can not switch to other drugs because by doing so may impact my ability to switch back if needed.  Mutations to Epivir has already been detected and have lost drug susceptability to others.   So, I have to stick to my combination of drugs, until they fail, or they become 'obsolete' by all evidence available to the medical community.  The failure of my current regiment will allow me to hopefully switch to others that I haven't tried and will work in its place. 


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