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T Cells never going beyond 300

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Hi all,
I started taking meds when my tcells were down to 27..that was in 2002..
Iam up to 241 in tcells, viral load is undetectable, but was wondering if i can
ever get past 300-350 in tcells............I have seen others numbers and it seems
iam the lowest.. :-\Does anyone have a clue as how i can get past at least 300 tcells.......thanks for trying to help me..

I started meds at 4 t-cells and a 750,000 vl. It has been an up hill battle over the past 10 years on meds. I have been to 667 t-cells with an undetectable viral load then got gastritis and couldn't digest them any more. I went to 58 t-cells and THEN had to stop meds before I became resistant. I had not had a viral load in years.
 I was off meds for 6 months. I didn't get a viral load until 5 months had passed. I dropped to 42 t-cells and a 35,000 viral load. It has been 2 years and for the first 18 months I could not get over 170 t-cells for the life of me. I went on 2 PI's and Videx EC and take them absolutely on time and don't miss.... I am finally up to 376 t-cells and undetectable viral load.
 They say that if you are undetectable then you are alright. If you are healthy... you are alright...I say "GIVE ME T-CELLS" and emotionally I will be alright.
They can't even do a pheno on you without a viral load. I did hear that they can do a type of geno test without t-cells. Ask your doc and see if you can get that test. You might be borderline on your meds.
Good luck to you and keep up the is better than the alternative!

Miss Philicia:
I highly recommend doing fuzeon if you are a long-timer.  You'll get your numbers up if you combine it with the new Prezista.  If you can't handle injections once Isentress (new Merck intigrase inhibitor) becomes FDA approved in September you can combine that with Prezista. 

Everyone I know that has gone on the Fuzeon/Prezista combo has had phenomenal results.  I just posted a thread about my past year on this combo and I went from 500 cd4's and a VL of 30,000 (had been at that VL level forever... never was undetectable) and now this past month I have 1425 cd4's (yes!) and my VL has been consistently undetectable for 12 months.

I think a lot of doctors are very timid about recommending Fuzeon when, in fact, it's a miraculous drug.  If you're not having higher numbers why don't you simply INSIST on a more progressive treatment regimen from your doctor?  While I agree that an undetectable VL is the primary goal, if your cd4 count is still not high your immune system is still weak and it's not ideal.  With the availability now of newer treatment regimens I totally believe in being more aggressive in my choices, and fortunately have a doctor that thinks the same way as he's in charge of the largest clinical trials in my area.


I was on Fuzeon for 3 years (along with Sustiva and Tipranavir, then with Sustiva and Prezista). Although my VL reached undetectable, my T-cells never got above 220.

For me, Fuzeon was very effective in fighting the virus, but it did not work miracles with my T-cells.

I switched from Fuzeon to Raltegravir (aka Isentress) in March. My viral load continues to be undetectable, but my T-cells are still stuck at around 200.

Although my T-cells have hovered around the 200 mark for the past few years, I have not had any opportunistic infections or any other significant problems. So, it is possible to get along pretty well even with only 200 T-cells. Because of my T-cell level, I do continue to take Septra daily. I started to take selenium (200 mcg/day) a couple of months ago. It's supposed to help boost the immune system. I just had lab work done this morning. I'll know in a week or so if the selenium is doing any good.


You are not alone.  Poz for over 23 years and my T-Cells have never been above 350 since I began testing in early 1991.  With that said, I can relay to you that I have always been asymptomatic (except for problems relating to medicinal side-effects), never having had an OI, and I am still on the "first-line" of medications with VL <50, T-Cell count of 348, 18%.

It is frustrating but as long as you can remain in good health, all things considered, its better to have a sustaining count than to be bouncing up and down continually.  Here's hoping you see the 400's soon!


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