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Hello, I tested positive in May

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I just wanted to say hello to everyone. It's kind of hard for me to post this introduction so I'm going to keep it brief. My name is Darrell, I'm from Ohio. I tested positive at the beginning of May. Initially I went through some really stressful days dealing with this change in my life.  If it hadn't been for a few friends of mine pushing me and telling me that I'm going to be fine, I'm not sure I would have made it through those days.

Anyway, I've been to see my doctor twice so far and he's a really good doctor. He seems to really care about what I'm going through and that's important to me. My initial visit was to have a full detailed blood work screening to see where I stood with the virus. My follow up visit was to discuss the blood work and go from there. That was last week. I have started taking Atripla. The side effects have been mild to moderate so far. After taking it, I get a "drugged" feeling that feels like I've taken about 5 or 6 super strength xanax. This unfortunately has been lasting through the day. I'm hoping it will pass. I have an even stronger hope that regardless of this side effect that the pill is doing what it should be doing. I've noticed that my sleep pattern has changed since starting Atripla. The sleep pattern was already an issue to begin with and seemed to be improving before I started Atripla, now it's right back to where it was in May. I'll sleep for a few hours and then end up wide awake. Last night was the first night I've slept 6 to 6 1/2 hours straight through. I only did this because I took an ativan. I don't want to get dependent on them but I know my sleep is very important right now.

Anyway, that's my life right now. I'll be reading and occasionally posting around the site. Any help and advice anyone could give me is much appreciated.

Bonjour Darrell,

I am both sorry that you had to join us and happy that you found us so quickly. This site and the people lurking in the forums have plenty of information to help you go through the bad and the good days that lie ahead. Atripla is not in my regimen but several people here have been on it since its FDA approval so I am sure some will shine a light down that path for you.

Again, be most welcome here, I look forward to your posts.


Welcome!  JGlad you found the forums early on.

ust curious, did you discuss your sleep problems with the doc before accepting the prescription for Atripla?  The Sustiva component of it can be problematic anyway, and it's not something that should be foisted on people with sleep issues or mood disturbance. 

As you suggest, compounding the matter with prescirption sleep aids may not be in your best interests.  Have you tried shifting when you take the pill, if moving the peak of the effects wouldn't be a problem in itself?  How about popping melatonin to help with sleep, instead of prescription drugs?


Welcome to the forum, fellow Ohioian. Welcome to the world of pill popping, too.

Welcome to the forums, pill!



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