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   OK here it goes.   just to give you some background i am 27 married for 6 years and had a dumbass attack last night. I was at a risque strip club last night and there is several things that i shouldn't have done that i did. First i paid a African American stripper 60 dollars for sex when she was doing a lap dance ( i only mention she is African American because reading some articles it suggests they are at a higher risk --why is beyond me iam not a racists person)she put on a condom but i was nervous and drunk and could not achieve a full erection. she put the condom on in the booth so i do not know how well but it was covering the head we had sex for about i min in anxiety and nervousness i did ejaculate went to the bath room and took it off -i did not see any skin exposed or holes but it only takes a small hole so i have been told ---i have one child and one on the way---and i know it's no excuse but i wanted a night out to raise some hell since we had just found out of my wife being pregnant---should i be tested ?---if so should i avoid sex with the wife until the results come back ---i can not believe i did this ---appreciate your advice very much ---thanks for the good you do


You did the right thing and used a condom. Condoms have been proven to prevent hiv infection. There are no such things as "small holes" in condoms. When they break, they do so in a very noticeable way. The head of your penis was covered so you were protected.

You do not need to test for hiv over this incident.


    I know i probally shouldn't worry as much as i am but it's hard---I just keep thinking of murphys law and that i did a bad thing and i should deserve the worst.My wifes pregnant and i don't want to hurt her or the unborn baby--and all the possibilities that could have went wrong --i know if she did the deed with me god knows how many times she does it in a shift---i wish i could take back what i done but i can't

Matty the Damned:
I just keep thinking of murphys law and that i did a bad thing and i should deserve the worst.


As Ann notes you did the right thing by using a condom and as a result you don't need to test for HIV.

You do need to understand that HIV is not a punishment for bad behaviour. It's just a virus, not a judgement from an angry god.


  I just feel like i have done a real horrible thing ===maybe because i have not had very many sexual encounters----But i feel as if i put my unborn child and wife at risk and do not know what to do to cure it---six weeks seems so far away and 3 months even longer .I am starting to obsess about it and when i something happens that should make me happy i instantly think oh wait I might have screwed my whole life up anyways ---i know alot of people probally feel that way that are in the same boat ---any suggestions ---sorry to be bothersome ---i hope you don't get angry --i do apriciate your help since you don't even know me -----peace out


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