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What happened to our AIDSMEDS Family?

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Ever since we switched over to the new forums this place has changed. I know that the old forums were fun at times, but now the new forums have taken over and it seems like our AIDSMEDS Family has left the building and someone is taken over.

I can remember a time when we all could talk to one another on here and enjoy life as we see it. Now there are so many wantobes its not even fun to come on here anymore. One says this and the other says that and you really don't know who come's on here with the amount of registered members we have now to all the guest that are on here just lurking.

I just want to know what happened to all the old forum members that use to come on here and have never returned. Could it be that they ran into someone on here that showed his/her ass and made them mad and they said they were never coming back. It is just a shame we all can not get along here on the forums. So many of you on here are stuck on old beliefs and tend to only talk to the ones you like on here and the others that come on here just want someone to talk too them. Can we all just get along and be a happy aidsmeds family again or do we all have to stub up and never speak to one another ever again.

I can see what it all boils down to is if your not popular on here no one will give a damn to even talk too you or respond to your pms or your threads. Maybe I am wrong but it would be nice to get to know more of you than to logon and no one ever speaks to you again.

Hey Jerry!

Long time no see your handle but then I remember jccj.  I think many of the oldies have changed their handles so that might be a bit confusing.  But things do seem different here than the old but I'm ok with that.  Change is always for the better; it just might take some time to see the benefits.

Welcome back!  Glad to see ya around!


(aka, and still, "doyourowndamndishes")

I also wonder what's happened to a lot of the old users.  There is still a small core of old users, but sometimes I read old posts just for the hell of it and often wonder what happened to the users in that post.  I wish people would but their old user names and AidsMeds join date in the "Personal Text" section of their profiles.  It'd make it a lot easier to keep up with folks! 


OH boy here we go again. another the forums have changed thread. Get over it.

I think it has just become overwhelming, who's got the time; and even with the old form, the stupid blogs took some of the regular people away from the forum to post lengthy crap no body reads, LOL.  I've also noticed, everyone is soooo nice and politically correct in their responses now like they are afraid of speaking their minds, or they don't really care anyway.  Yes "the family" had a great time before even if "every family has it's ups and downs", Kathrine Hepburn, Lion in Winter.


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