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Afraid of getting close!!!!

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hello Afraid and all,

well i went home for a surprise visit also to rest my arm. to make a story short my 2 best GFs denounced me, I spend a couple days crying. It is normal for me to cry over a guy but not over girls, but it really hurt! i'm glad your friend was so different Afraid, she sound amazing

as far as the house & neglect goes I think you may have a duality where you kind of want them to sense that something is wrong but you are afraid of disclosure. you ask what is wrong with you, nothing but you are dealing with stressful, sad things. so the house and the state of you reflects that. one thing at a time honey, but be carfeul of sleeping pills, that is a very tough addiction, so try to limit yourself, and talk to your docs about these things.

i got some PMs from amazing women here, i wish I could write more, i am at a point where if i don't strictly limit myself now i will not be able to work in the near future, and that sucks big time. i hope to get voice recognition soon so i can hammer away

all the best to all of you & am always reading and keeping fingers crossed! Hugs,

Sorry, to hear your girlfriends denounced you, with friends like that who needs enemies?
but you have us here on the forum, so chin up, we're all here for you.
 Try to get some rest, and get better, and keep us posted with your recovery.

We love ya,


I wanted to seriously deck the bitch and spit out a TON of one liners, esp asking WHY or HOW she dare walk over to my family's table and smile, as if nothing had happened?!?!?!  Grrrrrrrrrr!  I mean she did exactly what I feared she would do years ago.....opened her fat mouth about my health, to match her fat ass.  Next time I will say something, this tongue can STING, big time.

Its OK, you crack me up, too!  LOL

Cindy   :-[

moonlight stop your making my cramps hurt more, the visuals of you jumping over the table and decking her are too much,  LOL

Seriously, ignoring her is better, as we say in spainsh "un gajetaso sin manos" "a slap without hands" by ignoring her you made her realize just how worthless she really is and how beautiful you really are.

&%^& her and her family, besides your mama raised a good woman her mama raised a hefer she can't help herself

lol, to the whispers of"...........and she was such a NICE girl......" (referring to myself, of course)

Yes, I saw the looks on the faces of her husband and sister-in-law, and they both seemed to read "Wow, we feel worthless sitting her with your ex best GF who spilled the beans about you to our entire family."  Those looks were enough satisfaction for me, but if I catch her alone in an aisle at WalMart?  LOOKOUT!

oh brother, I need a man..........badly!


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