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Hi guys,
I just needed to be sure that I am still welcome here even though I am asymptomatic.
I have been pos for 16 years so I believe that I am welcome.
It's just that I read alot of your posts and you're discussing becoming sick with many different illnesses or discussing  negative side effects from your meds. I have never had an icky side effect from a medication, though I have been on many different ones.
Nobody here has EVER! made me feel unwelcome!! Quite the opposite! This place feels like another home and I have learned alot. I just feel sorta bad, not being able to help anyone a little more.

Love Y'all  ;D
Peace  8)

Kelly, you are absolutely positively welcome here.  Just call this place your second home and all of us your extended family :)  To be welcomed doesn't require participation  When you can relate to a topic that is the perfect time to chime in.


Thank you, Jeff.  ;D
That was a very sweet response!!

Take it easy,

I think everyone is welcomed here that has HIV in their life. Its good that you havent had any of the OIs that some people have. As a neg person all I can do is sympathize and pray that hubby doesnt get them. But I learn so much from everyone here so if hubby was to get an OI I know right where to come for support and advice.

I have read your posts and you have helped me feel better about things. We never know whose life we touch and who we help. You are just as important and valued as anyone here.

I am glad you are here as Im thankful for everyone here! You and everyone here have touched my heart in a way that even suprises me at times.


Of course ur welcome here...many of us have other problems other than meds or certain symptoms, good for you that you'rer ok.  Everyone living with HIV doesn't have physical issues, unfortunately the news media uses that to assure the uninfected populas that meds work and one can have a normal life: wrong! It only encourages recklessness and lack of testing.  Fatigue and PN are my only major problems never had any real side effects from meds.


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