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How we gonna pay?

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I have found that:
The IRONY is : if you have no insurance you will find it easier to get the meds thru a free clinic and with help from the PA at least.
But by all means....go to your local New York and discuss the situation with a counselor.  New York....isnt the big one GMHC or something like that?

Personally, I am not a fan of "public" government insurance and have done my best to avoid it.  I have private insurance through my hubby and my meds cost me about 400 dollars per year.  Doctor visits are 10 bucks and specialist cost nothing if my doc refers me.  Plus, my Primary Care doc is an HIV specialist.  Last year I spent three weeks in the hospital with PCP and stuff.  Total bill was about 123,000 dollars, but I did have an ocean-view room.  Anywho, my total out of pocket was something like 50 bucks.  Anyway, try and keep you private insurance and when looking for jobs, make the benefits, not the salary the primary concern!

Joe K:
Hey B99,

Just to clarify a few points.  The ADAP (AIDS drug assistance program) only covers the cost of your HIV related medications and provides no medical or other care.  Ryan White Services are the payor of last resort and depending upon your state, could over a wide range of services and drugs.

What I would suggest is that you contact an ASO in New York before you move and lay out all your needs and your income.  If you plan ahead there shoudl be no reason that you can't just show up, enroll in the programs and off you go.  A case manager is best because they know the programs, eligibilty requirements and who to see for what.  Remember to be nice and courteous as you want something from these people.

They should be able to steer you to all the resources you need and tell you the best ways to acquire them.



Just a little bit of are dealing with a bureaucracy so come prepared. I suggest you prepare a folder with all pertinent info, W-2, pay stub, proof of address, etc. It can be stressful and you don't want to have to reschedule because you forgot something they need. Get a list of the documentation required and have it ready. Be patient my friend it gets easier...especially when you are prepared.

Good luck and welcome.

Luckily I have insurance which covers the cost of my medication.  I asked the pharmacy what the cost is for Sustiva without insurance and they told me $566 USD for 1 month supply (i.e., 30 pills).

I didn't even want to ask what the Truvada costs.  ::)


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