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How we gonna pay?

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Truvada = $773.83

My insurance pays all but $50.  ADAP pays the $50.

B99...  I happen to have excellent health care benefits, but I am not using any of it for now.  I decided to go on a study which pays for everything,  I mean everything for the next 2 to 3 years.  There are many studies out there that are NO RISK studies such as mine listed below.   Then there are others that are not recommended.   You might look into it...  I feel I have super close monitoring (every six weeks) and I am learning allot being this close to my doctor who also manages the study.   You have to be very choosy however and know what your getting yourself into.  I did allot of research before signing over my Guinea pig rights...  In fact I get a fat $25.00 check everytime a visit which buys me and William Lunch each visit.   Id much rather have them keep the check and keep taking the great care I receive each and everytime I see them.   Including all the hugs I get from the staff and Doctor.....


This is a good question. Now on meds and doing great, I don’t worry or even think about hiv much. Just take my two pills daily. Other posts have been started on fears and such being hiv. I don’t really have those, but I do fear my meds not being covered at some point. Problem is here in the good old USA, insurance is tied to employment. If you have a fairly good job, you probably have good insurance. Once the job ends (if it does), then so does the insurance. And from what I have seen, getting on disability can be a hard long battle. You basically have to be as poor as a church mouse to get assistance. And hiv and work seem to go together like water and oil. You never know when your health or the meds will stop you from keeping down a job, and there goes the healthcare insurance. Pretty lousy system if you ask me.
And then again, med coverage is at the mercy of your health care provider. Many companies change health care providers ever year, to save a buck. So will they continue to cover drugs and meds??? Its a big unknown.
Thats my fear with hiv, or any illness for that matter where you depend on very costly pills to live.
It doesn’t seem right in having to go from employed with a good living, a home and car to having nothing in order to qualify for government help. Thats my fear with having hiv.


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