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oral transmission

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In this case published in the Lancet there was a precise match of the strains, backed by an estimate of infection time thanks to a detuned assay and viral load reverse time to infection measure. Idle hearsay does not make it into the Lancet

Just because it was a match on the strain and viral load does not give conclusive results of being from oral sex. The Lancet is only giving the information that was given to them by the persons involved.

You're mistaken on two counts

1/ this is a documented case of transmission via bloodbath, not blowjob
2/ we're talking about the premier journal of medicine, and a full fledged case study. The Lancet is not just giving the information given to them by the persons involved but published a full biological exploration (ie pages of biological markers and advanced tests) of the contamination and its route

There is at work whiffs of denial which are detrimental to the very good work done generally by aidsmeds regulars. Some transmission routes do not happen : one cannot get HIV through a mosquito, masturbation, sharing cutlery,etc. But some routes happen, if very rarely: bloodfight, giving a blowjob.

Longitudnal studies of serodiscordant couples show that the risk of getting HIV from a partner who has been seropositive for a little time is vanishingly small (although even here there is a caveat because of survivor bias in the samples taken). These studies do not address the issue of oral transmission from partners who may still be seronegative. It has long been surmised that the dynamics of the epidemics depend disproportionately on the very recently infected, who have extremely high viral loads.

Hence my contention that aidsmeds should cease to extrapolate so much from the result of these studies (this indeed is NOT good science) and simply state that the risk of oral transmission is very very small.


Matty the Damned:
I think you've made your point Chaton. I fail to see how continuing this conversation in Am I Infected? serves any useful purpose.

(Who disagrees strongly with Chaton)


We have a very simple bottom line here - anyone who is sexually active should be screened for ALL sexually transmitted infections, including but not limited to hiv, at least once a year. If you're very active with several partners, twice a year is probably best.

We do say that giving a blowjob is very, very low risk. I don't understand what your problem is. Or are you just enjoying stirring the pot?



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