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my cousun has HIV


I recently found out my cousin who is 30 and single has HIV.she doesnt know that i know.should i talk 2 her?

And what would you tell her? You could read the lessons on here, to understand about HIV first, so that when she comes to you to disclose, you are prepared, you understand what it is living with it, what the numbers means, etc. It will be very comforting to her to know that someone cares, rather than just "know".


Hi... well...i guess milker is right, read a bit more.. and then... one day in a moment you find appropriated you might touch the issue... but remember disclosure is never easy for us... we fear a lot... so well... you know your cousin.... i hope you will find the way to touch this specific issue carefully.

Any questions you have, let us know. It is always good for us to feel supported so i really thank you for your worries about your cousin's health.

blood calls blood they say! (not sure if this quote is familiar in english but in spanish it means family members recognise themselves and never left anyone alone, they support each other)


Juan Carlos


How close and intimate are you with your cousin. Do you see her frequently?


Remember this is about your cousin. I suggest you educate yourself as much as you can on the subject of HIV. I also suggest you allow your cousin to bring up the subject when and if she is ready. Don't force the issue with her...she is dealing with a lot and hopefully will confide in you when and if she is ready. I'm sure you want to help, so make sure you make this about her and not you.


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