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Fairly New to Forum and Thought I'd Post New Labs...

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Hey Keith, sorry for the reason, but glad you found us and chimed in.

Don't fret about the numbers. An undetectable viral load means your meds are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

I know you want to hit the magic 250, but it may take your body a bit of time to recover to that level. You are doing very well.

Regarding the doc, it reminded me of something that happened to me a number of years ago. It was 1993 or 1994. I was seeing an HIV specialist in Albuquerque, a three-hour drive, because there were no local docs able or willing to see people with HIV.

My doc in Albuquerque coordinated my care with a doc here who was a GP. The local doc would do what the doc in Albuquerque told him to do, tests, etc. If I had a problem, I could go to the local doc and things were handled via telephone.

But I remember walking in to the local doc's office one day and talking to him about something I had heard about regarding HIV treatment (this was all pre-coctail, so I think it was something along the line of selenium therapy.)

Anyway, he just looked at me, shook his head and said, "I knew one day I would meet someone who knew more about his disease than I did."

He was a sweet guy, but I ended up, after several insurance coverage changes, starting to see a local doc who came here after doing his residency with my Albuquerque doc. So, it all worked out.

But it was kinda funny having a doc say that to me.

I look forward to hearing more from you Keith. Hang in there.



Hi Keith
hey, donít worry. I've noticed its a bit of a normal trend for (after starting meds) the cd4 spikes in a + direction, then over a few weeks flattens out to a more realistic figure. I've seen this again and again, and my case also was like this. But the most all important is the VL. So I think you'll find during the next 6 months, your cd4 will easy go over 250. It seems to spike up fast at first, then like I said flattens out, then a gradual but strong upward trend. I'd bet you're in the upper 300's at the end of 4 - 6 months. And again, keeping on the meds without missing will keep the VL undetectable. Thats number 1.
Now, what gets me to no end is how hiv is still treated like the "donít talk about" illness. So, what happens is so many, like you and me, end up not knowing and sick because the cd4 has been damaged so much. Thats when we find out for the first time. Really tragic. Hiv testing has to become a regular and standard test FOR EVERYONE. And no matter if you're in a high risk group or not. When you go in for a sore throat, they should be doing a yearly mandatory hiv test. Of if you see a doc for a cold, a hurt foot, a twisted ankle, whatever. They need to do hiv tests on everyone, at least once. And once a year at least no matter who you are.
Its easy to use meds to get the VL undetectable (for most), but building up that immune system can be a long battle for many. Its just so sad how society treats hiv. It could be almost stopped in its tracks if everyone was tested. At least if one was hiv+, they could start meds sooner before the immune was so damaged. It just irks me how something so treatable is ignored just because society and politics cant deal with it.
But... you're lookin good and the numbers certainly are looking good. Just keep on the meds.

Poz Brit:
Hello Keith, I am just chirping in here, to welcome you to the forums and say Hi, I have not known of my status long enough to offer practical advice and also I am not on medication yet.
I am glad you found your way here and hope you find it as informative and supportive as I have.

Take care,


Hi Keith
I too just want to say Hi.  The support one gets on here is really great.  I think you are doing keep up the good work.  Check back often.

Keith, welcome, no worries on the numbers.  They will improve.  I started with a CD4 count of 22.  After 15 months on the same cocktail as you my cd4's were in the 650ish range.  Every body is different and needs to take time to heal.  Just take your meds as you are supposed to, keep the illegal drugs and alcohol to a min.  Drink lots of water, eat good healthy meals, exercise a bit and all will be OK.


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