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Fairly New to Forum and Thought I'd Post New Labs...

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The really good news here is you are undetectable. Congrats on that. Welcome to the group!

Wow...thanks all for the kind words and sharing your experiences.  Today, I'm so much better.  Just was one of those days.  Actually, I'm in a great mood this morning.  It's almost the kickoff of the 4th of July weekend and I'm ready to just do nothing.  Not too exciting but just what I need. 

John, funny that you dated a guy named Keith in Louisville, I know there's several of us flitting round.  However, I was not in Louisville at the time. But you never know, of the last four guys I dated, three were named John.  :)

Gary, my doc is John VanArdsdale.  He's so unbelievable. I can't even tell you.  His bedside (I guess that's what you call it) manner is amazing. He is constantly researching this disease and also teaches at the University of Louisville. He really does care. I put all this info on here because I'm not sure how to PM someone.  Let me know and we can talk offline. Talk to everyone soon.  Keith

Ah!  Can you feel the love? Keith :P

I love this place...these wonderful supportive people.
 :-* :-* :-*

Today is my first outreach...and it really helps to see how supportive everyone is!

THANKS to everyone. :)


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