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Fairly New to Forum and Thought I'd Post New Labs...

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Hey All, my name is Keith and I'm in Louisville, Kentucky.  I just wanted to formally introduce myself and share where I am today.

I tested positive in October 2005.  Whirlwind since then of course.  My numbers then were 45 CD4, <100,000 VL.  My General Practictioner, who originally said we could get through this, that it was not a death sentence, etc., freaked out when he got my labs and said he wasn't eqipped to handle me with these numbers. I, in turn, freaked out as well. But, I was lucky to get a doctor who is renowned for his work in the field of AIDS.  I started Norvir, Reyataz and Truvada.  I also do monthly pentamamine treatments since the sulfur in bactrim breaks me out. In March I had a CD4 count of 173, and a undetectable viral load.  I was pretty f-in excited. However, I just got my labs yesterday and I have a 158 CD4, and still undetectable viral load, with a 10%.  My doctor said this was very normal and good. He said the most important thing is that my viral load remain undetectible.  A part of me agrees, but the other part is kind of down I guess.  First off, I obviously want to be over the 250 CD4 benchmark so I don't have to do the breathing treatments and just so I'm not suseptible to everything that floats in the air. On top of this I went to our AIDS Spciality clinic yesterday and reported to them some guys who I put at risk, so they could contact them.and that didn't feel so good.

I'm posting because I've only told a few people that I have AIDS --mother, therapist and another person I know who is HIV positive.  Doesn't seem to roll off my tongue that easily.  So I'm hoping that writing it down here and pushing the send button will provide a little relief today. And trust me, I know it can always be worse and that I should be grateful that it is what it is. But blah, blah, blah.

Sorry for the negative post.  Honestly it is what it is and I'll be fine. Anyway, hey to all, and I look forward to talking with you more.  Keith

Hi Keith,

Sorry it's under these circumstance but Welcome to the Clan!

Don't beat your self up withthe numbers.  As long as the viral load remains undetectable, that will give your body the chance it needs to SLOWLY repair it's immune system.  Unfortunately no one can predict how long before the cd4s bump up over the 200 or as you prefer the 250 mark.  If it helps at all, my initial cd4 count was 260s, v.l. 150,000+; a year later the cd4s dropped to 180s and sorry, I don't recall the vl at that time.  Anyway, after 5 years of meds the vl is still <50 and the cd4s are now in the 560s where I seem to have plateaued. 

Keep in touch.  Looking forward to hearing more from you.



Keith...Welcome to the forum and NO!  You have nothing to apologize for........  Here we take the good with the bad.  Sounds like your general practicioner needs a refresher in bedside manners.  When your own doctor freaks out...its only natural that you would.  Glad you found an "educated" professional.  Again WELCOME :-*  I think you'll find this place as supportive and informative as I have.......

While certainly not tactful, at least he realized his own limitations and knowledge and referred you to someone better able to treat you.   GP's just don't have the knowledge or understanding to treat hiv effectively i think.   

I'm glad you are seeing a specialist and welcome aboard

hey guys, thanks for the replies...honestly, just being able to discuss it openly and frankly helps so much...since being on this forum i have received so much more education about this disease than i could have in any books...and i'm always moved by the honestly and openess of some of the people on's really amazing...thanks for the support..keith


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