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TB from Mantoux?

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I was recently told that I have TB. I have no symptoms, and have been nowhere near anyone infected. Has anyone heard of getting infected from the PPD test itself? Had immediate reaction to Mantoux test that did not change. HIV poz 20 years, haven't been sick since '94. Highest VL of 1600 in '95, undedectable since then.

Have you been retested and had an Xray? Those tests are known for false positives.

You can't get infected from a PPD

Hey Permateen,

Grinch is right. You can't get TB from a PPD. A positive PPD doesn't mean you have active TB necessarily.

It could be you have been exposed to someone who had it and you didn't know it. I know two people right now who had positive PPD tests.

Further tests showed one had dispersed TB, meaning he didn't have active TB in his lungs, but had been exposed at some time and the bacteria was living elsewhere in his body. He was required to complete nine months of treatment but is just right as rain today.

The other person had a positive PPD come back, but a chest X-ray showed no active infection. That person is now undergoing six months of treatment to ensure any TB in this person's system is eradicated, thereby preventing problems down the road.

Your doc should have ordered a chest X-ray immediately. If he/she didn't, you should find out why.

TB is a lot more prevalent that many people believe. That is why standard of care for HIV-positive people is to have a PPD annually.

By the way, once you have a positive PPD, you can never take the test again. It will always show up positive.

Let us know what you find out.



My Dr. told me that too many mantoux tests can make you sensible to the test and give + results for infection with TB. Most nurses and Dr. have that problem.


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