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Big Appetite Problems.

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I've always been skinny.Tall with stick legs and arms and sticky out ribs.I suppose it's down normally to metabolism.

Here's the problem though.If I feel the slightest bit worried,depressed or ill,basically if something is not going right in my life,it immediately affects my appetite badly and I lose weight very quickly.I find it hard to swallow food  and in fact the very thought of eating makes my stomach constrict and my throat close.I have to swallow tiny amounts by swishing it around with water.

After reading some of the lessons on here I'm getting concerned about nutrition and getting enough has anyone experienced the same problems,and if so,how did you manage to overcome it.

Any response would be great.


Hi Paul

Your situation is painfully familiar to me, I deal with the same thing every day of my life.   I have battled AIDS-related anorexia on and off for over 15 years now.   It is very difficult for me to maintain my weight (150 at 6'2") and next to impossible for me to gain weight.   I drink ensure, but it's very expensive.   I got some forms for a program to receive free ensure every month, so I'm looking into that now.

If anyone has any suggestions for us, I'm all ears.


Have you tried 'thc marinol' Alan?....this is what was suggested to me.I'm going to ask my doctor about it,or anything similar as it's going to be a big problem for me.I'll add ensure to the list if it's available here in the UK.

I'm just a long, lanky,skinny streak of neurotic 'issues' :)


I have used Marinol on and off, I honestly can't tell it does a thing for my appetite.   Also, the other thing they try to give you, this nasty milky stuff called Megace.....I could never tell that did anything for me either.

Jerry says he has had good results with using Marinol, and he managed to gain a good deal of weight.   Perhaps it would work for you, it's worth a try.

Good luck!


*sigh*.....why do we all have to be'd be much easier if everything was universal huh!


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