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Bloody shingles! UPDATE: Post herpetic neuralgia :(

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Get well soon Melia...and keep cool.

Big HUGS from Paul...(in rainy Scotland).

I hope that you feel better real soon Melia

((gentle hugs))


--- Quote from: sweetasmeli on June 28, 2006, 09:56:49 AM ---I've never had shingles before and can safely say its like nothing else I've experienced!
Moaning Melia 

--- End quote ---

Hello Melia,

I know exactly what your going through. My hernia surgery was less painful then the shingles. 12 hours after hernia surgery, and it felt as though someone swung a baseball bat at my testicles ( sorry for being graphic, but  shingles was more painful then that. OUCH !! :o

Glad you are on the mend

Take care----Ray

Hi Melia,

Sorry to hear about the Shingles.  Even though I don't know exactly what it's like to go through what you are suffering with (I've been very fortunate not to get them, yet!) I have many friends who have had multiple bouts so I feel for you.

Here's to a quick recovery!



Me happy Melia back! 
Take care, honey!


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