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Bloody shingles! UPDATE: Post herpetic neuralgia :(

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Well, I am getting better - the rash is definitely fading - though I still have a lot of aches and pains and I'm not quite ready to go back to work just yet! I'M SOOOOO BORED!!! I've never had shingles before and can safely say its like nothing else I've experienced! Nada energy! I grated a carrot before and it totally floored me!

Moaning Melia  :'(

Hi Melia

I empathize with you, honey.   The pain from shingles is like nothing else, it's difficult to describe it to someone who has never had them.    When my last episode occurred in 2004, I thought I was having a heart attack.   It took me several months to completely recover.  Taking a shower was torture (mine were around the left side of my upper torso).

Hope your recovery is speedy !

Love & 'gentle' hugs,


Poor baby....I feel for you sweetie.  BIG HUG :-*  Shingles are definitely NO FUN as you well know.

Hope you feel better soon ;)

Hope that u feel better! Having shingles is indeed torture.


9/27/2005-1st test results
Viral Load >1,000,000
CD4 204
CD4%age 18
CD4/CD8 ratio .23
11/24/2005- Sustiva/Truvada
Viral Load 140
CD4 402
CD4%age .21
CD4/CD8 ratio .39

Viral Load 42
CD4 409
CD4%age .21
Next appt.-07/11/2007 (lab)

Thanks for your kind wishes Alan/David/Rob

Mine are around the right side of upper torso. My right boob is sooooo sore! :o

One of the reasons I dragged myself back from the UK last week was cos the weather was so crap over there and I just wanted to get back to some sunshine. But BIG mistake methinks! Its only 10am and the temperature here today is already about 35 degrees! Tis not helping my discomfort...melting melting melting...WAAAHHHH!!! :'(

A very uncomfy Melia


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