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My third post.  Hopefully, I have graduated and can now respond to PMs.

I logged on to the mentor site and may have found a mentor right here in Atlanta.

We haven't met yet. Just responded back and forth on the site. 

I am excited about meeting another person dealing with this same issue.

I have been a loner for so long, it would be great to have someone to talk to.  Also, I hope he can help guide me on all the where, when, why, and who questions about Atlanta ASOs

RedMuscleBear (my aries brother) thanks for all the helpful links to websites.

By the way, did everyone hear the story about the young boy denied access to a community pool because he was positive?

hey aries,

like you i became posivtive at 20, i'm now 36 and live in Atlanta also.

Only differnce, I never got very depressed about it.  I have been in denial, though.  I live everyday like any other person. 

My view is everybody has something to deal with.  This just happens to be mine.

Your post really touched me because of your depression and being a loner.

I am a hard worker also.  I am a real estate agent and can relate to always working but it also allows me to interact with some many people.

I think you need to get out meet more people. If you want I would love to meet you.

I have been bad about not seeing a doctor, also. Part of the denial and thinking everything was ok. After a biopsy,   I was recently told by a foot doctor that I have KS.  It was a wake up call for me.  I have made an appoitment to see doctor next week.

Please respond if you have any interest in meeting. 

Thank you for sharing your story touched me in a way as i too went for years without really knowing what direction to take. It was hard to accept and then finally actually getting myself medical help. Had it not been for a hepatitus A diagnosis years into my infection, I woundn't even have known that i had been exposed.
I also went through depression and had some serious anxiety attacks in dealing with this disease. It only added to a long list of things I had to deal with in my life. Only now, 16+ years into it am I 'comfortable' with dealing with the whole thing and making the best of it.
One of the hardest things for me to do was to disclose my status to anyone. Of course my partner at the time was the first to know and didnt take it too well. Our relationship of 15 years was distroyed because of it although we now are better friends seperated. He now takes interest in my health and is concerned about me.
The second person I told of my status was my now partner of 10 years. I told him roughly 10 minutes into our first conversation and expecte him to run away. Instead, he opened his arms and his life for me and encouraged me to seek medical attention. During my first visits to doctors and specialists, he was always been by my side. During our first year together, he had me added to his insurance offered through his work and I have been fortunate to have this benefit as my treatment costs have, in some cases, been far more than my yearly income!
My advice to you is to take it slowly...definately get the medical help you require (and yes, there is always a way of obtaining such help) as soon as possible, but as far as disclosing your status, tread carefully. Decide who you want to tell and why their knowing would make a difference. Sadly, even in this day of having so many treatment options, there are those you are involved with who may not accept your condition. For those who have a problem with you positive status, just remember, it is their problem and not yours. Be ready for varied levels of acceptance....of course there will be those who accept and assist you in dealing with this. These are the valuable people in your life. Again, those who are not as accepting are losing out.  Just by reading your heartfelt postings show that you are a wonderful, compassionate person who I would be happy to call a friend.
Best of luck with all you do and I hope you find a better happier place as you battle along with the rest of us!! keep us informed and as you know, this board is full of  advice and SOME wonderful people.
Come back often and good health to you....

I believe we all gather strength from one another in our collective battle with HIV/AIDS.  For me, knowing that I am not alone helps tremendously.

There are some days (weeks even) when "life happens" to (or around) me and I have to sit down and take a rather deep breath...

* working full time within the wonderful politics at work in the public safety arena.  I mean, my God...  a gay man with HIV working here???
* the turmoil from the local HIV/AIDS community about the lack of available services.  Yet when folks are needed to get something going, no one is there to step up and help, and I have run out of steam.
* then trying to make sure I have three healthy meals a day AND take my pills each and every night (my skittles!).  Being rather anal retentive, you can be sure I don't miss them... ever.  LOL
So I take my deep breath and count to 10, then stand back up and continue to run, although slower these days.

Just finished a 4 day run of IV antibiotics with a pic line and a wonderful portable pump in a rather large and obnoxious bright blue fanny pack.  Apparently I picked up a staph infection at my last outpatient procedure.  All I will say here is...  LOL  it involved a drug induced sleep, a long hose of some kind, and the removal of some precancerous polyps.  Anal pap smears rule!  Oh shit, did I say that outloud?

But seriously though folks, a big hug and many thanks to all of you for helping me keep the faith.


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