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I just found out a week ago yesterday that I am +  thru a rapid test and will be going in this Fri 2 get the results from my western blot and 2 talk 2 a counselor type who has repeatidly asked what it is I need from her.

My question 2 u guys is what are some questions that would be good 2 ask her?  What do I need? LOL

(I feel like I have a million questions swirling around in my head but when I really try 2 focus on what those would be I go blank.)
She's not a doc I think she's there 2 help refer me 2 different places and services.  Just wondering if there has been any services that have helped U guys out that I should ask about....

Also any questions other then the ones listed in the lessons that I should take with me when I start 2 go "interview" doctors would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks JAG

Hi JAG - Personally for me I find the counselor from the hospital  very knowledgable ... Love her - I have not ever spoken with a counselor outside the hospital. Anyway Lorna (that's her name) provides me with information on state and city programs that I might qualify for. She tells me about hospital services that I can take dadvantage of or that i might not know about e.g. applying for aid such as disability or SSI (i.e., the do's and don'ts), free acupuncture on Wednesdays in the hospital, free individual psychotherapy - again, in the hospital, state-assisted tuition reimbursement (so that one can be equipped for a possible career change). She is like a clearinghouse of information.

She also jots down information that she hears thru the gravepine and she shares that. People tend to open up to her and she's like a sponge for information and she has a good memory. So that's like a triple whammy of "good" - Everyone likes her

Anyway, I would say just open up to this person with whatever's going on in your life, whether it be physical/actual/circumstances (e.g. housing, training for job skills), or mental (e.g. you feel you need group therapy or individual therapy)  ...The more open you are about your life and wha'ts going on in your head, the more value you'll find in him/her

Take care,

Hi There......
Welcome to the AIDSMEDS  forums. There is a lot of supprt for you here, but you may need the help of that counselor.  It would appear that you do not have results from your bloodwork yet. After you have those results you may OR may not have to start medications.  Questions often are:
How will I pay for meds? Advice about  resources in your area are important. As well as advice on insurance or disability.
Can I continue working?
How and when do I disclose to my partner/ wife/husband? And to whom else?
What is resistance?
What meds are available and what are the side effects.
Am I depressed?
These are just SOME of the questions newly HIV positive people have asked. sure you know that asking for help is a good thing.

Thanks Alex and Bear I feel like right now any info and advise is good info and advise

Thanks again JAG


There are two things I would ask right off the bat, based on my expience:

1 Where do I find a qualified doctor?

2 What is the nearest ASO (AIDS service organization.)

Through these referrals, you should be able to access needed services and assistance available in your area.

Good luck on Friday.




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