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Got my numbers


got my latest labs today.  they only do a CD4 count here as viral load and all are too expensive as they have to be shipped out to South Africa etc and they only do viral loads for people on treatment.  anyway my CD4 is 503.
in April 2005 i was 540
in December 2005 it was 478
June 2006 it is 503.   ;D
i couldnt believe it actually went up and i'm not on meds or anything.  i mean i'm not doing anything special, just taking herbal tea and sometimes vitamins when i dont forget. i must say i'm pleased . i should be right?  my doctor says that my count is good.  it is right? i mean compared to some of the numbers of people here 503 isnt all that great but up from 478 is good right?

All increases are good in that the trend is established. Just be sure to understand that drinking herbal tea is not why your numbers go up....its way more complicated.

Any upward trend in the CD4 count department is good. It is hard to imagine that the other tests r not run and have to b shipped elsewhere.


9/27/2005-1st test results
Viral Load >1,000,000
CD4 204
CD4%age 18
CD4/CD8 ratio .23
11/24/2005- Sustiva/Truvada
Viral Load 140
CD4 402
CD4%age .21
CD4/CD8 ratio .39

Viral Load 42
CD4 409
CD4%age .21
Next appt.-07/11/2007 (lab)

Good for you're on the right track.  Keep up the good work. :) ;D


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