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As I suspected, your clinic system is very similar to mine - only the titles the various doctors in their various stages are different. The "fellows" or "registrars" or "learners" - whatever you wish to call them - are the ones who move on the most often at my clinic.

It does worry me sometimes that my consultant may decide to move on, especially in light of the negative experience I've had on occasion with some of the other consultants.

But, as my consultant seems to be staying put for an indefinite amount of time, I try to not dwell on the "whatiffs" the future may bring. I've got enough stress in my life without worrying about something that may never happen - in my lifetime. I just take each appointment as it comes and I keep learning all I can about hiv and its treatments so I can always be my own best advocate, no matter who my consultant might be someday.


Hey Grinch,

Yes, I've been through this as well. I get the "do you mind if so-and-so sits in?" I don't mind. Sometimes they ask questions I forget to ask.

As for switching doctors, I have been forced to because of changes in insurance in the past. Hated it. I had a doc I really liked, my first.

Unfortunately, I had to switch because my new insurance company wouldn't cover anything or anyone at the hospital at which she worked. It sucked.

Nowadays, they don't have a choice, insurance companies I mean. There is only one doc in this area. The next closest is 200 miles away.

Of course, now this doc is taliking about retiring. So I could end up driving myself that 200 miles for each appointment anyway. Did that before and, in the winter, it isn't fun.

Anyway, enjoy your "fellow."



Well...the "fellow" is a she... maybe she's Hawt!


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