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I have been on sustiva and truvada since Beginning of July this year..the first week was hell....sleep for about two hours then wake up and feel as though I haven't slept...also very anxious.....dreams were there too...but about the third week now and just have the dreams..sometimes....I don't eat two hours before I take them...wanted to give a try and whoa....never again...severe tossing and turning....dizziness...sideffects were like to the 10th degree. Can't wait to see my numbers sept. of this year to see how it kicked butt!!!!

Just started treatment with Atripla.  Only had one weird, trippy (very much like LSD if you guys have every tried) day, at work!  I just tried to stay at my desk and freak out to myself - last about 2 hours.  Not sure what happened, I take my meds in the evening before bed.  I now, just get dizzy once in a while,  about 30 minutes after taking the drugs. 

I am also on paxil (10mg) and take trazadone to get drowsy.  For anxiety attacks (which I had before taking atripla) I take ativan.  If I can't fall asleep at night, I take BOTH trazadone and ativan.  Check with your doctor on what you should take, don't become your own pharmacist.

I will stay on atripla for as long as i can, i hope that the side effects don't increase

i am working now, doing general office work, but my background is IT...but there is NO WAY i could do my old career with the fuzzy brain i have now...i have to write everything down, and if i take too much ativan, i get big blocks of memory erased...i actually had a job interview and about a week later i thought that i had not gone and called to apologize that i had missed the appointment, only to have the poor guy on the other end of the phone explain how we had met at , for a lunch meeting...I HAD TOTALLY ERASED IT...yeah, that makes me a good candidate for mission critical work...:(

anyway, enough whining, who has taken atripla or the same components of atripla for a very long time (5 years? 10 years?)?  are you mentally alert? functional?

have any of you changed jobs to compensate for failing mental capacity? 

   I think it's interesting to read what each persons experience with Sustiva has been.  For me it's a strange feeling.   I took some a little bit ago as I had decided to go to bed but got on here to do some searches. Got distracted and here I am.  I guess in a nutshell I will share that my experience on Sustiva leaves me feeling sort of melted at times.  Just now typing this in I felt as if the keyboard melted back and fort like a modern painting.  I had also taken a half of pill of ambien.  I can't sleep without ambien, but I do try to use small doses when I can.  I find vision is odd on Sustiva.  It's a blur of sorts.  The feeling like my eyes have to catch up to what my site truly sees.  Eventually it all levels off.  During the day there is only a rare occasoin that I feel tired or worn out from the drug.  I feel great most of the time.
    Off the cuff I'm looking for a local discussion group for people dealing with HIV/Aids.  I'm in Battle Creek for the rest of the year and work closer to Marshall Michigan.  I would love to meet a couple of poeple from around here to chat or to geg information on other groups that are similar in the central michigan south end ....


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