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Side effects. FTC vs 3TC


Recently I switched my meds to Reyataz/Norvir+Viread /3TC.
My doctor used 3TC because FTC won't be available in my region before next fall. :-\  So, my question is: Are there some noticeable differences between those two drugs ? especially with the side effects.
I was on Kaletra/Combivir before.



Hi Jacques.  I switched from Viread + 3TC to Viread + FTC a few months ago, for no other reason than to combine two of my meds in one Truvada.  I had no side effects at the time of changing to FTC, and no new side effects occured afterwards.  The medications are very similar, except FTC has a longer half-life, staying in your blood much longer than 3TC does, and both have the same resitance profile, if you become resistant to one, you also become resistant to the other.

I can't speak for you, but at least in my case, swapping from 3TC to FTC was straight forward and did not cause any or additional side effects.


Thanks  Matt for these comforting words.

I shall be glad to switch to Truvada next fall, as it will become available here in Montréal.


Hey Jacques,

I did a similar med switch.  At one point I was on Kaletra + Trizivir.  Due to major lipid profile our of whack from Kaletra I switched to Atazanavir + Norvir boost (I initially had failed a PI regimen) + Trizivir.  After 5 years of azt use it got to me so again I played switcheroo and did the Atazanavir + Norvir + Viread + Kivexa (3TC+ABC).  Presently I am on the same combo minus Norvir: not only did it continue to bugger up me cholesterol and triglycerides, Norvir also has similar side effects as azt and with me, namely, myopathy. So this is something you will want to monitor.  Once I dropped Norvir, the profile immediately returned to normal.  If FTC does not work for you you can always change it for Trizivir or Kivexa.  Considering that you are already use to 3TC and AZT, abacavir (ABC) is an easy drug to tolerate (I've never had problems with it) and you wouldn't need the norvir.

Good luck!



Thanks Allan,

I'm now ending my third week on this new regimen and beginning to fell comfortable with it.  I'm not particularly hot on keeping Norvir but I do appreciate taking my pills just once a day. So I think I'm going to let things unchanged and just switch from 3TC to FTC next fall.




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