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What do you know about Montréal ?

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To all,

I would sincerely appreciate meeting you at the gathering.The problem is that I'm unexpectedly busy this summer. Actually I'm moving this week. The new house I bought is some kind of a ruin and everything have to be redone. Lot of work for  several months  :(  Moreover my mother also moved recently and as she  is very pertubed (she is 87years old) I must help and take care of her very closely. My situation is not easy to manage at the present time.
So, I don't know yet if I'll be able to go to he gathering. I cannot take any decision now but I hope that I will be able to escape from that mess at least for a day in August .
 For now  I have to unplug and pack my computer, so I won't be seeing you for a week or two.  :'(

au revoir


The Canuck:
Hello Jacques,

Good luck with the moving and all the work you must do on the new house. Hope things will go for the best with your mom as well.

That would be great if you can find at least a free evening during the gathering, whether it would be the '' Pub Crawl '' on the 17th or the '' Meet & Greet '' on the 18th.

Au revoir Jacques et bonne chance,

The Canuck

Thank you Canuck,

My English dictionary is already packed so I leaving with this message to all :

Soyez sages pendant mon absence  ;D



(who is now switching off) 


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