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What do you know about Montréal ?

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Hi all,

Knowing that many of you are coming to Montréal in August, I was wondering what kind of knowledge of our city is yours and what are you expecting from your journey in French Canada ?

au plaisir,


Fere jacques.

When I was a little boy I read Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped.  That was 50 years ago so my memory isn't so good but it seems to me, that some of the story took place in Montreal.  I might be wrong about that but what I remember are some cliffs and the British were attacking the French, maybe, and they had to scale these cliffs which they did and they won the battle. But did they win the war? And what war? I don't know. Maybe I'm getting some things mixed up here, so, yes, I would love a history of Montreal, who got there first, the French or the British?; why Montreal? (Royal Mountain?  is there a mountain there?), what is its stragic advantages? Did the French have a western movement (a 'manafest destiny' ala USA? or were they more tolerant of the native Indians?).   and whatever happened to Pierre Tradeau?  And his wife?

As you can see, I'm somewhat ignorant of my neighbor to the North and there are a lot of gaps in what I do know.  So yes, I would love a seminar.  Will you be my teacher? 



I've never been to Montreal, though we were supposed to go when I was a kid for the Olympics (forget which year).

Beyond that, the only other bit of info is what I read on one of the links provided in the information thread about AMG

--- Quote ---Montreal is located at 45°30 N / -73°36 W. It is the largest city in Quebec and the second largest in Canada, with a metropolitan population of 3,359,000. Montreal is one of two large islands in this part of the St. Lawrence River (the other, Île Jésus, includes Laval and several other communities) and its highest point, Mount Royal, is 761 ft/ 232m high. The entire island of Montreal became a single municipality on January 1, 2002 although this has been reversed recently in the case of several of the suburbs.
--- End quote ---

Seeing a new city, experiencing the culture, and checking out the people (I love to people watch) is what I love about travelling.  Soon, I'll get to do that in Montreal.   :)



I think the battle you are referring to was actually waged in Quebec City, a side trip of the Montreal Gathering.  It was waged on the Plains of Abraham, google that and you might find what you are looking for.  The English flanked the French and two very famous Generals were lost in that battle.

Montreal is a port city, a city of islands.  It has a distinctly European feel and parts of Montreal look very much like Paris.  The Notre Dame Cathedral is breathtaking, as is the original in Paris.

There is a 'mountain' in the center of Montreal, its called Mont Royal.  On the top of that Mont Royal is St Joseph's oratory which is a 'holy' place in history where miracles and healings were once performed by a man named Brother Andre.  You can view downtown Montreal and the harbor from the vantage point of the Oratory.

Just a few tidbits....the tourist guides we have for the gathering explain things much better than I.  The Canuck is tour guiding in Quebec City, you will be amazed by the Fort there, and the Chateau Frontenac...mmmm..


The Canuck:
Sae is correct, this battle referred by Robert was in Quebec City ( Les Plaines d' Abraham ). Generals Wolfe ( could be mixing up this one with another general ) ( British ) and Montcalm ( French ) lost thier lives during this battle won by the British, we became afterwards the subject of his Majesty and a British territory. The French were the first ( 1534 ) and until the battle mentioned above it was a French territory. That's why Quebec is still French.

The mountain you referred to ( Mt. Royal ) isn't a big mountain by any means. Up North you have the Appalaches which are the equivalent Rockies of the East, yet not as majestuous. You can have a nice overview of the whole city in a park near the Oratory.

Quebec City was founded in 1608...and will be celebrate his 400th in 2008....Montreal is about 25-30 years younger. This is also the Capital of the province.

Rab...the Montreal Olympic were in 1976. Bruce Jenner ( USA ) won the decathlon...and Nadia Comaneci ( Romanian ) was the big star of these olympics...and the first to have several perfect 10 in gymnastics.

Robert...Pierre-Elliott Trudeau died in 2000 or 2001 from a prostate cancer ( he was in his early eighties if I remember correctly ). His younger son died a few years before in an avalanche while skiing in the Rocky Mountains...his body has never been found. His ex-wife Margaret is living in Vancouver and re-married several years after her divorce with Trudeau.


The Canuck


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