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POZ Forum Moderators:
Welcome to the Mental Health Forum!

This is the forum where you can discuss aspects of the many different issues relating to mental health and HIV. It's a place to give and receive support and where members can share their tips on what has worked for them to maintain their mental health, whether through therapy, medications, meditation, exercise or a combination of these and other methods. This is a place to talk about being happy and comfortable in your own skin, along with the issues that contribute to feelings of sadness, anger and frustration.  Also, those who have specific conditions, such as depression and bipolar disorder, can discuss their treatment and how it impacts on HIV.

Please remember this forum is intended to be used for support and a place to exchange ideas. It is not therapy and it is not intended to replace doing therapy with a qualified professional.

For further information on the POZ forums, including posting guidelines, please visit the Welcome Thread found in the Living with HIV forum.


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