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My Longest Relationship is with HIV

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I've learned to chill, not be to serious, and have a sense of humor with myself, life and HIV or as I like to call MR. H+.  We all have different coping styles...Thanks for the imput.

Mark, no wonder I thought he was a little loose when I got him.  ;) Bear, don't you dare say you thought he was tight.  :D

Rod... very funny!

 ::) :o I'm sure Mr. H has had a few anal tucks by now....

I gave up celebrating my infection date and replaced it with the celebration of life for the many friends and partners whom have died over the past 25 years because of the bug or being overdosed with AZT. ::)

By far the best longest relationship I am having is with my doctors and clinic staff that have made my life alot better than it was 4 years ago. :-*


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