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My Longest Relationship is with HIV

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I'm new here, but have enjoyed reading the post, learning new info,  websites and chatting. I'm a 17 year survivor. Have been positive since I was 29, I'm now 46. It's hard to believe it's been that long. God to be 29 again and know what I know now ;) Anyway, I'm blessed with a good partner, family, friends, job, insurance, and more knowledge about life and living with MR. H+. I'll never have a relationship with another as long as I have MR H+. I'm finally learning to live with MR. H+ Even though we say positive, believe me it has not been all positive. I can think of more than a few negatives, but with all marriages me and MR. H+ have learned to reach common grounds. Sure MR H+. pisses me off at times, makes me feel bad, makes me sick, is not sexual when I want, cost me a lot of cash, shows up when I don't want to, have to talk about him when I want to forget about him. I've thought about divorcing MR H at times, but what the hell, I've learned to live with him and Mr. H has learned to live with me. We make a hell of a Positive team. Why go find something else when I have MR H+. Believe me that's enough to deal with. So for now me and MR H+ have a good relationship and understanding.  He don't try to destroy me and I'll don't try to destroy him. (At least That's what I let him think)
Keep those Anniversaries coming everyone. The longer the relationship the better if u know what i Mean.

I ve known Mr H for a month now...  damn he sure gets around!!  Congrats on the achievement of 17 yrs a survivor..and theres for 17 more!!! :D

 :o, he sure does get around. And by what I see here, he's been with quite a few... ;)but I'll still keep him and try to work with Mr. H+. . . take care of your MR H+ and don't let him rule your life. Kick his ass every now and then and Keep him walking the line.

Darn that Mr. H - he told me I was his one and only!  :o

Well, I guess he tired of me, cause like you said, he has been getting around.

Welcome to the forums and welcome to another person who shows it is possible to live long and well with the bug.

Doesn't mean it was a cakewalk, but you managed 17 years so far, right?

I have 22 years since I tested positive, plus, if my first doc was right, another five years of living with Mr. H before I tested. So, I know how you feel.

Here's to many, many more anniversaries.



I tested positive in 1989.  At this point I am still trying not to let HIV rule my life or cause me great stress.  Seems to me one way to do that is to stop giving HIV a personality.  Its just a damn virus.  It has no motives or agendas.
So, although I think about HIV anniversaries I would never celebrate it. And I give much more importance to my relationship with my life partner, who the way...doing very well after the operation on his hand. And about to get a thrid round of injections of ASCULPTRA in his cheeks.  He feels it has helped.
Just my two cents.
Modified to add:  HUMOR is a big part of dealing with HIV...and I know everyone has their own coping mechanisms.  Caling HIV....Mr funny.  I dig it.


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