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What the hell is a "run time error"?


and how do I "debug" it?  This window is popping up every 90 seconds.  the only thing I've done differently is switch to Yahoo! Beta mail.  I switched back hoping that would stop it, but to no avail.

It says: 

Line: 10
Error: 'top.MH_Menu.repaint' is null or not an object



Did you try restarting the computer, after you switched back ? Give that a shot !
A runtime error is usuaslly a program error.


Did you use Windows Uninstall to remove the program?
or perhaps your new avatar is overheating the system?

Ray, thank you!  That is exactly what I was doing when you replied.  I know you often have to restart after getting new stuff but I thought "rebooting" to fix a problem went out with Windows 98;  I figured I'd try it and it seems to have worked!  Thanks again.  And congrats on the new machine, I'm lovin' mine again!

Heehee...thanks for that, Batboy!


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