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Hi Ricky,

Chances are that your CD4 will indeed be higher once you've recovered from shingles. I had shingles in March, 2004. My CD4s in January of that year were 518, 28%, in March (at the tail end of the shingles) they were 218, 23%, in June they were 460, 27%, in August they were 568, 26% and by November they were 645, 28%. I wasn't on meds at the time and I'm still not on meds either - positive for ten years, going strong with no meds. (last labs - CD4 441, 26%, VL 7,610)

I'm not too sure if your doctor is correct about not needing resistance testing - check out this thread:

Get a genotype (resistance) test when you first test positive.

This is something you may want to research further. It could be that he isn't doing it because of your low viral load... if that viral load wasn't a typo.

If you haven't already, you might want to read through the Welcome Thread where you'll find links to other sections of this website, like the highly informative Lessons.


welcome to our club. sorry youve had to seek us out but im glad you found us and hope we can help you.

also please let your partner know about the 'someone i care about...' section if he has any questions.

wishing you all the best

Thanks everyone for all the support and information....I hope to be a good friend of this community!!! thanks again!!! ;)


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