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 Hello Everyone..... I have been a positive 28 year old for a month now...recently got tested because I came down with a bout of the shingles. My first cd 4 were 266 and viral load 62...fully recovered from the shingles and feel partner of 7 yrs has been there for me..he is negative...thank god! The first month was depressing but have excepted it and forums like this really help for info and support...Went to the doc today and another round of test ...hopefully no other dieases and my counts hopefully are better...maybe treatment if it is off. I  asked the doctor if he was doing a restance test and genotype test and he said it wasn't neccesary since he thinks I have been infected for quite some time...He is a very well respected doctor that has worked with hiv/aids since the 80"s so I am certain he must know what he is doing...anyways just wanted to introduce myself..thanks everyone for all the info!!!....... 8) 

Hi there and welcome!

I'm sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis.  I am fairly recently diagnosed (7 months) and my partner of 9 years tested neg last time (let's hope the next one is too). 

It sounds like you have a lot going for you, good dr,good partner and a good attitude.  It does get easier with time and for me I have tried to remain calm and do the one day at a time thing.

Good luck to you and welcome!


Hi Ricky,

welcome to the forums :) Keep us informed about your new numbers!


Hi Ricky,

I always feel weird saying "welcome to the forum", but what else? ???
You sound like you are in a good place right now, I'm glad to hear that.
Have you taken any shots for Hep A and B, pneumonia? How about HPV test?  I'm quite sure your doctor is taking care of everything, I'm just making sure that you test for HPV and get a pap ( I never heard of it until I changed doctors and I wish I had known before).
Stay healthy, keep up the good attitude


Hi Ricky, glad you found us (i guess sounds better than welcome to the forums... i also find it strange to say so).

I am a three months diagnosed and well, i can tell you this is the right place to be. People are funny, crazy, creative and most important... human. You will find lot of info and lot of things that will make you think and analyse your life... but the most important, you will find a real perspective of what to live with Hiv is. Coming from a region in the world where info is not updated and stigma is huge, to be here have been a big difference for my life.

Three months here and quite optimistic, there are many years to come and i know everything will be ok.

Hugs and feel like home :) (and don't get scared for the questions about scat and pee at off topic forum LOL)


Juan Carlos


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