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I know there are those who have taken Sustiva for a longer period of time and I have a question.

Lately, I have been feeling anxious. I guess that is the best way to describe it. Anxious, on edge, uneasy, feeling like something untoward is going to happen.

This rarely happened prior to beginning the Sustiva and, when it did, I could usually pinpoint why I was feeling the way I did. But lately, the feeling is there most of the time and there is no reason for it.

I was just wondering if the Sustiva could be doing this or whether something else is going on. I get headaches every day now but I don't think that is why I feel so anxious.

Could this be a result of the weird dreams - which, by the way, have ceased to be fun and have become annoying.

I read up on the side effects of Sustiva when I was starting it, but I didn't notice any mentions of feeling anxious.

Any advice, information, experience would be welcome.



After a year and a half on Sustiva I switched to Kaletra for just the reasons you mention. I gutted it it out for that long because of my numbers, but realized that in the end I just couldn't take the side effects. I'm not saying it is, but you describe to a T what I felt while on Sustiva. After discussing it with my doctor we decided switching to Kaletra was the way to go. The Sustiva psychotic fog lifted in less than a week after I stopped taking it. I've heard too many Sustiva stories not to believe this might be your culprit. I know I felt anxious worrying whether I was doing the right thing switching to I know I did. Talk to your doc and good luck.


 :(Hi Matt.
I started susvista with viread and videx..Sustiva gave me the worse nightmares
aniexties and was beside myself..I dealt with all that..then i went for a tesst
to see if all my meds were working..and the susvista had stopped working..
So now iam on Kaletra and combivar...Much better..VL is indictable and my tcells
went from 27 to 241..ive been on this cocktail for almost 4 yrs...Now iam dealing with the skinny arms and legs..bloated belly and i look crappy so i feel crappy.
Iam a very vain women..I like to look good..too many people are starting to say,
Gee, your legs are so skinny..So i will take your advise and get off combivir
and ask my doctors if i can change my meds, and if i do will it help...i hope so.
Its summertime and i would love to wear a bathing suit..but omg..i look pregnant
and with skinny legs ..I just want to bury my legs in the sand.....this just
happened within the last year..Losing my hair could be stress if its not the meds.
Iam falling apart physically..oops this is about u Matt, not about me..iam sorry
just got caught up in the sustiva part..Ask the drs to change your meds..I feel
Sustiva is the worst of of all the meds i have been on..Nightmares like crazy
and it effected my daily life as well..Definitely ask for a change of medication.
Iam sure they can help u as they did me.. :-*

Ever since I started sustiva my normal anxiety got worse and I was put on xanax.  This has helped me a great deal and I usually only need it at night.  I fortunately have never had the dreams with sustiva.  Hope this helps.

I've been on sustiva at least 3 years...I can only take it before bed. I does help me sleep and have some great dreams. No anxiety, thank god. I have enough of that at work. Anyway, my only anoying side effect is night sweats from the sustive. My partner and myself have them. Sucks. PS 17 year survivor here and counting.


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