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OUCH! I just picked up my lipid profile results and my new hiv combo just pushed me into heart attack land! My triglycerides were around 170 before starting my new meds two months ago and my cholesterol level has never been high. Well, Fuzeon, Aptivus and Norvir did their work pushing me into the lipid hall of fame with a whopping 1,812 triglyceride count and a 349 cholesterol count. The vldl cholesterol count is also high at 352. Has anybody out there beat this count due to meds and not foods? Better get to my doc for some tricor...

HI CATMAN   :) - i suggest you read through this whole thread below

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Alex   8)

Hi there ,
I will give you the tip of your life - start drinking wheatgrass, , u have no idea how can it help. i had very high lipid profil, well , its far from yours but yet..i was pretty high, i started to drink FRESH wheat grass every morning and aftera month took blood test again, and the high tryg, cholesterol dropped down, i still have to dring as it not got into the normal range yet, but the direct is very good.

Good luck !!!


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