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HIV+ Friend worries about paying for meds


My boyfriend just went back to work after several years of life on welfare trying to get disability. Since he was denied SSD and seems to be stable he had to take a job because he just can't stay on welfare forever. He is an unskilled 40-something worker. He is making a little more than minimum wage. He worries himself sick thinking about how he's going to be able to afford the meds he has to take to stay alive and have anything left to live on. His meds are incredibly expensive and, if he has to pay full price, he is afraid he won't have anything left over to pay his rent or even feed himself. How do people do it?


In Michigan there is an assistance program designed to help obtain meds - I think this is the case throughout the United States (not sure about the rest of the world).

Also, I think I've seen mentioned in past threads that your bf could try to enroll in a clinical study.

pharmaceutical companies (e.g., Merck, Phizer, etc) will sponsor clinical studies which provide the medicine no charge.  Usually clinical studies are conducted by hospitals via their research institute.

Hope this helps.



If your boyfriend makes less than 30,000 a year and doesn't have access to health insurance he should qualify for ADAP. Locate his nearest ASO for assistance.

Miss Philicia:
Many states have different levels, other than that $30,000 amount.

Click here for specific amounts per state.


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