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19th anniversary

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Thank you to all of you for your replies.  We are very fortunate to still be here and hopefully let those who are newly infected that they can live a long life as well.

Where's the cake. . .Just keep on counting those anniversaries ;D

I had my 18 year diagnosis anniversay in February of this year.  I think we all deserve more than cake.

I just realized it was 23 years ago today that I  found out.   Cake definitely cake.  chocolate..mmmmm  Congrats to all of us!!!!

Hey Everyone, Glad to hear that you have made it this far. I have been diagnosed AIDS for over 11 years now, who knows how long it was before that I was infected. Near as I can figure, due to the minimal number of partners I had before diagnosis(3), it must have been as much as 8 years beforehand.
    It has been a long, sometimes rough, road getting here. Just the week before last, my wife and I went to a family(hers) reunion in Va. Beach. The night that we were to leave Indiana for Virginia, I had to go to the E.R. because of extreme difficulty breathing. Turned out that I had caught a severe lung infection. After diagnosing the infection, it was also found out that my 30+ years of smoking had caught up to me. I have been diagnosed with COPD. I now have to be on a nebulizer for that.
    The thing that really perturbed me was that, once in Virginia, my sister-in-law, a registered nurse, really let her phobias show. I find it incredulous in this day age, that a health care worker would be as phobic of me as she is. Upon arrival at the house her family rented, my wife's sister made everyone write their names on their cups so that nothing could be transmitted! Later, in an unrelated argument, where some rather nasty words flew from her mouth, she outright told me and my wife, in front of everyone on the shuttle bus, that she didn't want me there on this trip because of my having AIDS.
     Needless to say, I was pretty PO'd with her. Still am. Now I know where the ill will has been coming from after all these years. The rest of my wife's family is also PO'd with her for interupting an argument my wife and I were having, and spoiling the whole trip and causing the early return of the only grandson in the family(my wife and I brought my 1 year old grandson along to spend time with the rest of her family). BTW, at the point that she interupted the argument, my wife and I were about to make up.
    Back to the point, it is unbelievable how phobic healthcare workers, these days, can be. But, cheers to all of us that have made it this far(I am now 46years old :D), condolences to all of us whom have lost so many great friends along the way, and a prayer for all of those that have been lost along the way. I am hoping that soon they will find a way to make the drugs affordable, if not a cure.


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