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19th anniversary

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Just wanted to share with all of you my 19th anniversary of testing HIV +.  It sure has been a long road to travel, but I can not say it is all bad.  I first tested positive in June 1988 after my partner at the time tested positive.  I think the hardest part for me is all the people that I have lost along the way.  I am thankfull for all the friends I have made along this journey.  I am also thankfull for this site and am very thankfull for this new forum for us long term survivors.  I am inspired by a lot of the folks that post on this site. Although I do not post much, I do read a lot of what is said on here. 

Thank you all again!

Right behind you, Dan. I'll be there in three months (diagnosed September 1988).

I agree it seems like a long road sometimes, but I'm grateful for the advances that have come about in that time too. I raise my coffee mug in toast to you and wish you many more good years to come.


Hey Dan,

Are congratulations in order? I think so. Anyone who makes it as long as you have deserves a hearty pat on the back and at least a nice dinner.

I understand completely the feeling of loss when I think back over the years about those who are no longer with us. That has made it hard. I especially have a hard time with those who almost made it to the triple-drug cocktail era, but not quite. That still gets me at times.

But this is no time to be morose. I still think you should go out for a little special occasion, if only to celebrate the fact you are still here.

It is rather like I feel toward my upcoming 50th birthday. Am I sorry I managed to get this old? Heck no! For someone given two years to live in 1985, I'd call it a milestone!

So, too, is your 19th anniversary. At least, I think it is.



Dan, I am only a month behind you. I tested poz in July of 1988, I have told my family that next yr. i am going to have one heck of a party to celabrate being alive and liveing with this bug. It has been hard at times, but it has not been as hard for me as for some on this site. I want to celabrate liveing. I didn't think i would be here to see my youngest graduate high school, he is now 23. So yes go have a nice dinner or have a party you deserve it.


Miss Philicia:
I have my 14th anniversary this months (of diagnosis, not infection).  Congrats on your perseverance.


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