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Lab results

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Congrats!  Always nice to see results like that.

I just love it when people post their numbers!!!!

Gives us all good warm fuzzies!!  Glad to here it Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!  HAPPY DANCE! ;D

Shucks...I really did not have much to do about these results. I do not have much control over what the virus does inside me. The only thing I have control is how I am able to handle it. I have a tremendous amt of energy (go to the gym, eat, do my daily activities, etc...) My doc has even told me that she no longer receives the daily emails whenever something minor wud happen. When my vitals were taken, I admitted that I have little attacks whevnever I am less the 100% adherrence r8 that I am advised to keep.
Well, I gotta get to bed for now.


Congraulation Rob!!!!  I just got my results for the day before starting med and took labs today one week into med.  Not expecting a great change in one week.  I will return on the 7th for the results and to take another blood test for week 3 or 4.... Will post on the 7th....

cd4 was 295  ( just a month ago it was 219)  went up for unknown reason, I hadn't started meds... but it not that much....

VL 43,000

Took meds just 15 mins. ago and I getting a little drunk...better hit the sack... again good luck and keep it up!!!



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