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3 years since catching the cooties

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--- Quote ---So to all those who have helped this opinionated, big mouth, know-it-all, insensitive, stuck-up, arrogant, spoilt HIV POSITIVE guy from Texas, thank you!  I have been blessed to have you in my life.
--- End quote ---

Not sure I accept the characterizations as being the accurate picture, (who here hasn't been all those?) but I know you've given much to these forums with your intelligent insight, thoughtful analysis, and kind heart.

Yes, you really are nice!   8)


EEEWWWW!!! Cliff has the cooties...eeeewww :D ;)

Cliff, whenever a kid in my neighborhood had the cooties we would all cross our fingers and then cross our arms and give ourselves injections on the upper arms saying, "JECTIONS, JECTIONS ALL MY LIFE."  This is how we protected ourselves from catching the "cooties."  Childish games we all played...  but I guess I didn't inject myself enough 'cause I got the cooties anyways.  Awa...bummer. ;)

And, I can't wait to meet you in Montreal.  I have a strong inkling that you're really not the rough & tough guy you put yourself out to be behind your words here.  I'd be willing to bet that you're a real pussycat. :)

Be well,


hehe.  I'm glad some folks know what cooties are!!!  And yes Trish, apparently our immunity wasn't life-long.  I think the kiddies should bone up on their efficacy studies, cause like the major drug companies, they clearly pushed the cooties immunity shot/jection too quickly.

Anyways, thanks everyone.  Here's to three years and hoping for three times 10 more (and then some)!

Andy Velez:
Yes Cliff, anyone who's ever been to camp or had kids who went to camp (or public school for that matter) knows what cooties are.

Thanks for that affecting and impactful step-by-step about how you got your news three years ago. The wham of it came through very clearly.

Cheers and rock on, Cliff,   


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