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The unprofessionalism of some people in the heatlh care field

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I went to the infusion clinic this morning @ 11:00 AM. I was the only male in the clinic at the time. This old woman with crusty feet said to one of the nurses" Lori's excited now that there is a man in the room." I noticed that Lori turned around and made a limp wristed hand jesture and said mouthed something to the old lady. The old bitch laughed at whatever Lori said to her. Then Lori comes over to me andacts all  sweet and stuff in my face. I've dealt with this shit growing up gay all my life living in the south & I don't want to take it anymore. I almost said something to her about it but I have to remember she is the one sticking my arm with the iv and drawing blood every day. I don't want her to physically hurt me. It just hurt my feelings. How would you handle a stiuation like this? confront them? tell her supervisor?

At least nobody told you you had HIV saying: "BINGO!"...I donīt know what would I do in your case...

I'd tell her supervisor.  What a slag, sorry you had to put up with that crap Dan.


The Canuck:

I guess it would go with my mood of the day. If not totally sure it concerned me, then would possibly had  made some kind of jokes for letting her know I understood what she ( possibly ) did. In these cases you see it in their faces right away.

In a shitty mood and absolutely certain, then she was in for several minutes of me giving her all the shits she deserved.


The Canuck

i think I would have totally queened out and made a totally queenie scene of being friendly to her... 'oh hellooooooo dahling, so wonderfullllll to seeeeeee you againnnn '   *air kiss*  I've come to get my (very loudly) aids labwork done."

Doubt you'd see her do a repeat performance.

She wants a fag, she can have one is my thought on that....


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