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On a lighter note

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I still smoke, but not as much. At least usually. I think the trick is to never, ever, have a ciggie again once you have quit.

Oh boy Mark, you got that right! Nicotine addiction is an invention from hell Iím sure of it. I had the same self deceptive thinking even after 12 years off the filthy things until one fateful day I told myself I'd have "just one." Well that was four years ago and I've been kicking my butt since (but not the butts).  ;)

Glad you're body's getting used to the Sustiva.


I am a 60 year old HIV male that has diagnosed HIV since 1988.  I also have taken Sustiva and I have been able to enjoy a cocktail with out side effects.  I currently am on Sustiva, Ziagen and Lexiva.  So far all is well.

Hey Mark,

Glad to hear that the side effects of Sustiva has lessoned for you, or at least has become more tolerable. Hope that things continue to improve for you. As far as the smoking, if you don't succeed the first time, you try it again, until you are succesful. I know how tough it is...Been there!! I was a two and a half pack a day smoker. Smoked like a chimney...  :o

Take care of yourself-------Ray

You have not been whiney at all. Not a tiny little bit.

I am glad the Sustiva effects are slowing down. I never had the dreams, but I did have the drunk feeling at night, especially when getting up to use the bathroom. I did get used to after awhile.
Take care,


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don't worry about the ciggies.....I only wish I could join you....



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