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On a lighter note

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Hi Sweet Man,
I quit cigs a year ago. I still have the damn urge at times. When I do, I go straight to the cigar shop. I have one cigar, then I'm sick of tobacco for a few weeks. Seems to be working. Have you tried commit lozenges??? They worked for me, only problem: I've gained 25 lbs. Oh well, can't have everything!

Glad to hear you are adjusting to your new meds, that's awesome.

Andy Velez:
Mark, I don't think you've been whiney enough.

Just sayin'....

Glad to know you and Sustiva are doing ok. Fingers crossed that it does the job.


Well I have been on Sustivia for a few years. I stopped working at night because I couldn't drive an ambulance feeling that way. My husband on the other hand finds he has to wait an hour or longer after a heavy meal to take it. if not the effects are more severe.
I wish you luck.

Thanks you all. Hey Code3Mama, welcome aboard.

I got back my latest labs today, the first since stopping Crixivan and starting Sustiva..

Viral load is still undetectable (<50).

CD4 dropped by from 1,332 to 1,075. No biggie, those numbers do that all the time.

I'm still at 38 percent, so I guess that's not too bad.

Oh, and guess what, the overall Cholesterol was 183, with an LDL of 101 and an HDL of 28 (one point better than last time!)

Liver, et al, seems to be doing just fine. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

So, that is worth at least a short happy dance.

The one dark cloud in this is my triglycerides jumped up from 183 to 271. Ouch!

I guess that means I need to cut out the ice cream, substitute scrambled tofu for eggs in the morning and get some more exercise.

If it isn't one thing, its another. But, at least I feel pretty good and not nearly as groggy as in previous weeks.



Glad your numbers are doing good.  I have mine checked in about three weeks.  I'm having a whole myriad of lab tests done.  My triglycerides are extremely high also.  Just keep pluggin' away!  As for the smoking, I haven't stopped yet either.  But I SWEAR I'm going to! ;)
Love ya-


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