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Either I am getting used to feeling high or the Sustiva side effects are lessening.

I still feel a bit groggy at times, but I no longer feel drunk after taking it, something I have noted when getting up in the middle of the night. Well, at least not as drunk, but still a little woozy.

I am feeling much better about the drug and have hopes it will continue to be more tolerable. I have yet to have a cocktail though, something I may try at home first just to see if it cause any repercussions.

I don't drink all that often, but once in a while, I do like to have a cocktail or a glass of wine.

Anyway, since I have been so whiny lately, I thought I had better post something more upbeat.



Miss Philicia:
You've not been too whiny.  I'm glad to hear your body is adjusting to the medication.

  I don't think you've been to whiney.  I'm wondering how you're doing on the not smoking with Chantix, because I can't seem to kick it.

Hey Betty,

Well, I did really well for the first three months. Didn't smoke at all and didn't miss it all that much.

Then, when I stopped taking the Chantix, it was still OK, little bit of craving, but not too bad.

Then, I started Sustiva and it was like being on a four-week drunk. Maybe it was just psychological, but I swear it kick-started the cravings big time.

So, I went back on the Chantix, but unfortunately, it has not been all that successful this time. I still smoke, but not as much. At least usually. I think the trick is to never, ever, have a ciggie again once you have quit.

I thought I could just have a couple to get me through the Sustiva adjustment. Didn't work.

I liked not smoking, after I got used to it. Now, I just don't know.

I'm still trying but I have a feeling I may have to start from square one again at some point down the road.

Hang in there. Maybe it will take just a bit more time for you.



Mark, I still get that drunk feeling and bounce off the door jams going to the restroom at night, then get laughing. Atripla does me the same way. At least I don't have the dreams.


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