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Military Veterans,

         I would like to suggest to the military veterans to register with their local Veteran's Administration clinic or hospital, if you are not already registered. The VA health insurance  is a reliable source of health care to fall back on in case you are 'downsized', or your job is outsourced, which is a very real senario in today's economy. Being registered with the VA will give you a smooth transition in case there is a loss of health care coverage at your place of employment. For those on medication the VA would be able to continue getting your meds to you with minimal interruption. Getting registered will give you access to any medical facility in the U.S. as long as you are carrying the  picture ID issued at registration.  If you are employed their co-payments are competitive. All Veteran's facilities aren't created equal. There are good specialists in some parts of the country, but lacking in other areas. Married vets can also register their spouses. I'm sure most of you are aware of this. It would be worth your while to register; It's one of those things that is good to have and hopefully you will never have to use.


Yeah I'm a vet New Jersey VA hospital is better then Orlando clinic for sure.. 
And if I got married your saying my wife would be covered by the VA?

Hi Bob,

    Yes, spouses can get medical treatment and services at the VA. Your local VA should have the information you'll need. I lived in the South also and found the services and quality of health care lacking at the some VA clinics.  I'm sure all of them weren't like the facilities I visited. Ask for the 'means test' the next time you visit the clinic or hospital.



I'm a Vet and I have registered with the VA facility here in San Francisco, although I have never been there.  I have been using Kaiser through my employer, but a friend of mine had good things to say about the VA although he said that basically an appointment takes all day.

Yeah it can be an all day thing at the VA. Make a morning appointment, Say around 8 am. Being from the big city I learned to get in there early if possible and try to get a Monday appointment. Most people like to go on a Wednesday or Thursday. Friday afternoons are good too. Many people are getting ready for the weekend and usually only the folks in real need of medical attention are at the clinics.



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