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Dingo Returns !!!!! (to blogging)

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oh, it was a Star Trek background, I thought he was in a hubcap factory or something.  I hope the  cooties in the hat died.

actually, it's a news studiio background.   I just picked that one because I don't have enough lighting for a lighter colored greenscreen background.  (it didn't show as much green 'speckle')  Once I'm better 'lit' I have some custom backgrounds already made with the poz and aidsmeds logos

and i was sober in this one... though in the throws of sustiva induced madness  :-\

Never Blog Sober...    put That on A Tshirt..  never read blogs sober either,  please dont use an backdrop   
dont we see enough of that already ???? how about some Abercrombie bois??  or if all else fails some flowers and shit


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