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Dingo Returns !!!!! (to blogging)

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Check out the Blogs for the New one By Dingo !!!  Theres a guest apearance by some hottie too.

Welcome Back !!! and  Here's To Ya

or try this

Yeah!!!  Nice to have him back.  The link didn't work but I went to his blog from   I was worried you might have sent him that pesky rabbit in that box :)

The link is to MY videoblog and is now fixed,    damn that extra slash ! damn it to Hell

It's good to be back, even though I'm still having technical difficulties.   Thankfully, I've just stopped the sustiva i've been on a year and a half.   Now maybe i can concentrate enough to figure out how to make it work right and will also blog on my descent into sustiva hell.  It wasn't pretty.

The Canuck:
Nice to see the Dingo back on the big screen...I did like the '' Star Trek '' background.  ;)

The sync was out in some spots but not too bothering. Great to hear you are feeling better since you quit Sustiva, and hopefully Viramune won't caused you severe side effects. In my case it works great without any side effects, and wish you the same.  :P


The Canuck
( Did Ric said '' We're Going To Montreal ''....Yes he did numerous times )


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