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Sex during menstruation


Hello, I'm from Mexico and I have a question. I had sexual intercourse with a woman, while she was having her period. I put a condom on, and when I pulled out, I noticed the condom was covered with blood. I had  shaved my pubic hair that morning, and the part where I had shaved was also covered with blood. I took off the condom and went to the bathroom to wash. Was there a real risk? Should I get tested?

Tristan, you did not have a risk.  Please read through our Welcome Thread which will help you understand how HIV is transmitted.

You were protected for intercourse and that is what counts!  Keep using the condoms and you wont have to worry about HIV.

I was beginnig to worry because when I shaved my pubic hair I cut myself two times.

Andy Velez:
The important thing is that you were using a condom. That's exactly what you should be doing.

Even IF the woman was HIV+ you would not have been exposed to HIV through those nicks and whatever from shaving yourself. She would had to have been pouring HIV+ blood into an open and bleeding wound for there to have been even the possiibility of risk. Was that what was happening? I didn't think so. The risk was strictly theoretical. In the real world of HIV transmission simply doesn't happen in that manner.

Keep those condoms handy and use one everytime you have intercourse.

There's no need to worry any further about this incident.



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